Event photographer in London

Capturing significant moments in your business' journey through stunning visuals


About me

Hello, I'm Fernando Braz, a passionate event photographer based in London.

I have many years of experience in the photography industry, my focus has always been to do my best to capture the essence of each occasion. 

Through ceremonies, trade exhibitions, fashion shows, training programs, celebrations, and major conferences, I cultivated a set of skills that combine creativity with business vision, and I love telling the story of your business growth through stunning visuals.

Every business event tells a story, and my goal is to capture that narrative strategically

My background in business and corporate environments equips me with a unique perspective. I understand the nuances of professional interactions, allowing me to anticipate and capture key moments that showcase your organization in the best light.


Document the significance of graduations and awards.

Training Programs

Engage participants and track progress with dynamic photography.


Preserve the joy of celebrating special milestones in your business’ history.

Trade Exhibitions

Showcase your artwork, products, or installations in captivating light.


Capture the energy and engagement of your corporate events.



What They Say

"We've had the pleasure of collaborating with Fernando since the inception of Alterniq Events in 2012, and he remains our trusted go-to photographer for client events. Fernando's exceptional photography skills, keen eye for detail, and warm personality make him an invaluable asset to our team. Not only does he seamlessly integrate into our team, but he also forges strong connections with our corporate clients, enhancing the overall event experience."
Matthew Adams
Alterniq Events
"I have worked with Fernando on numerous corporate events in London and each time he exceeded my expectations. Fernando is a skillful and reliable photographer who has a unique approach to storytelling which helps him create outstanding images. I very much look forward to collaborating with Fernando again in the future."

Alexandra Petukhova
Bloomberg Events

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